love_potion (2005)


Love potion is a distributed artwork made up of a number of discrete elements: borage herb, protocols, documentation, and everyday performance in three phases. The first phase takes place over six months and involves seeding, tending, harvesting and drying borage herbs. The second phase involves preparing a magic potion from borage, an herb that reputedly drives away sorrow and melancholy, uplifts the spirits, and when shared with others nurtures compassion and peace. The third phase involves hosting an event at which visuals and sound is installed and the potion is shared with others.  At the event, the host distributes borage seeds and wraps of borage plants, encouraging guests to continue processes of growing and tending as part of an invisible network of participants. In this particular sense the work is open ended and participative.  The work extends outside the installation space to include the processes that go into making the potion and making the space, and invites guests/participants to join the invisible network of tactical gardeners.  

To enliven the sad with a joy of a joke,
Give the wine with some borage put in to soak.
(Old English Rhyme)