Flowers Grids Description



flowers grid


Flowers grid #1 consists of 33 digital stills - screen grabs from generative artwork flowers (2002). The screen grabs were taken using a ritual beadary. Made out of Papier-mâché ritual beadaries provide a physical means of keeping count of the number of digital screen images captured as a generative artwork unfolds. The fingers of one hand are moved along the beads as the other hand clicks the computer keys to take each image. By engaging in the purposeful act of selecting moments on the screen to capture, and by not having to keep track of the count mentally, the mind is supposedly freed to encounter the work.

The ritual beadary for flowers grid #1 consists of 40 beads configured thus:

Moment Bead #1
First Die: Three beads
Moment Bead #2
Second Die: Four beads
Moment Bead #3
Third Die: Six beads
Moment Bead #4
Fourth Die: Five beads
Moment Bead #5
Fifth Die: Five beads
Moment Bead #6
Sixth Die: Five beads
Moment Bead #7
Seventh Die: Five beads

The configuration of the ritual beadary was based on the number of seconds for each in and out breath observed whilst watchingFlowers.